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  Run the Ridge  2015

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Run the Ridge at Maple Ski Ridge is a 5k Mud Run, Trail Run, Obstacle course designed by local military runners. The features consist of untouched terrain from Mother Nature, builds created by few diabolical minds all looking to test your endurance and skills. Each year challenges are added to and redesigned- Ready to offer every challenger a new experience EVERY yEAR!

OK...We know that Maple Ski Ridge's vertical will not leave you breathless (Skiing Down). But running up is another story! Elevation, yup we have some... But for what we lack in straight up- we will more than make up for in sheer craziness in Our Features:
Mud.. water.. ledges.. tires .. hills..Fire.. slop and all other types of things for you to go
over, thru, around, and under and get covered in!

               We are excited to be joining with Easter Seals in our mission of helping Veterans.
          They in turn are expanding their reach to the capitol district, We are pleased to partner
                   with a respected name in the philanthropic community and look forward
                      to helping them obtain their mission in the Capitol District.
                    Visit to learn more.
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