Maple Ski Ridge
along with    is proud to present:
Run The Ridge 2018
Come on...get a little dirty!  
2k Family Adventure
Until Midnight 06/30/2018 
0-5 $10.00
6-17  $20.00
18 AND up $30.00

07/01/2018 Through 7/13 Noon
0-5 $15.00
6-17  $25.00
18 AND up $35.00
0-5 $15.00
6-17  $25.00
18 AND up $40.00

Our 2k Family Fun Run has two starting times 11:30 am and Noon.  During the 2k there will be plenty of opportunities to conquer many of the main features but there will be less hills.

Before the race, special family/kid friendly zone with bouncy bounce, mud, tires, sprinkler to keep cool and other stuff we create.   Bring your family's sun shade, lawn chairs or blankets. And after the race, stay and relax. Enjoy a beverage, some snacks from our kitchen and have a good time with friends old and new.  

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